I want to help you reach your goals You Are The Key To Your Success These sessions are the best investment you can make in yourself. When it comes to your career, business or life, having a strategist/coach at your side is a key element to your support system.
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My commitment means your success It's time to dream big and discover your calling
Look to the next step in your career, business or life, so you can set up yourself for success, whether that is in a few weeks or a few years. I can help you learn to overcome obstacles and achieve your vision.
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My is name Stephanie, I am a Business Strategist and Mindset Coach I Am here to listen to you You may be wondering, 'If this is right for me? or Should I invest in a strategist/coach? " On one hand these sessions seems expensive but on the other it can be life changing.
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Online Sessions

During this new normal, in-person sessions may not be comfortable for some individuals. So, I am happy to provide sessions via Zoom, so that you can continue your career, life, meditation or business journey. Please make an appointment.

Sessions By Phone

If you are in need of immediate help, simply pick up the phone and call.

e-Coaching Sessions

E-coaching (email coaching) works well for challenges/sensitive issues that may be difficult to explain. E-coaching allows you to writing thing exactly like you want in order to describe the issue.  Its less expensive than face-to-face coaching.

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I Offer Services For You

We all know that life can be challenging and hard, and that there’s no answer to the issues you may face.  I’m here to help you.

IGNITE CHANGE was established to provide strategy and coaching services, designed to provide career, business, life and entrepreneur/executive sessions in combination with meditation to provide a deep experience and clarity in order to meet your goals, aspirations and objectives.

I provide

Strategy and Coaching

Experience breakthroughs that challenge your thinking, resulting in remarkable changes in your career, business and quality of life.


“ If you are in need of help, contact me ”



Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to me. I listen and we work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
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Always Ready For A Challenge

My goal is to help clients find satisfaction and clarity in their career, business and life.


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Popular Questions

I have answers to common questions people ask

A strategist works with startups, businesses, executives, and individuals to realize their strategic vision for their business and/or career.

A coach partners with clients to work on their mindset or behaviors to reach their goals and objectives.

The objective is to focus on your potential (your unrealized ability, capacity or possibility) by leveraging your strengths, uncovering what’s in your way, and targeting the areas you are most interested in addressing to help you reach your goals more effectively.

Yes, you can. I’ve seen many clients change in powerful ways. And they’ve likely had ambitions, goals, concerns and challenges that are similar to yours. These sessions can be the catalyst to profoundly shift the trajectory of your life, enabling you to change the quality of your life and the direction of your career or business in ways you never dreamed of.

I meet with clients once a week. Through many years of experience and testing of different time frames, I’ve found that this frequency yields the greatest returns in terms of change. Meeting once a week offers time for reflection and application of learning between sessions, while maintaining the momentum of our work together.

The time frame can vary greatly and depends on a wide range of factors: your goal(s), your commitment and openness to change, your capacity for introspection, your circumstances, how quickly and thoughtfully you complete homework assignments, and other unique factors.

I have individuals who come in for a very brief engagement (e.g., one mock interview coaching session). I have others who come in focused on one goal, achieve that goal, and begin work on another goal and then another. Those individuals who partner with me in multiple capacities and for multiple goals work with me for a year or more.

Open Your Heart & Your Story

Each one of us wants someone to talk to, I will listen to you with all my heart

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