Career Transition & Development

Career Transition & Development

“ It’s time to maximize your personal and professional potential. This means being in charge of your career’s direction today.”

When To Come In For Career Transition & Development Coaching

You need a career transition and development coach when you are ready to navigate a career change. Usually, this type of coaching is sought out after a layoff, reduction in force, or you have discovered your passion and want to do something that aligns to that new gift.

A career transition & development coach works with their clients in their job search by helping them with the resume critique/preparation, discovering their strengthens and talents; social profiles, networking, interview techniques and offer negotiation that will hopefully land them a job.


How Can Career Transition & Development Coaching Help?

At Ignite Change, I work with experienced professionals who are stuck in their careers to help them determine their strengths, talents and passion so they can land a role that they will love.

My coaching sessions include:

  •    –  Career Vision & Action Plan
  •    –  Resume critique/preparation and rewrite
  •    –  Effective Networking
  •    – Social Media Strategy
  •    – Interviewing Techniques (Role Playing)
  •    – Offer Evaluation & Negotiation
  •   – Up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing job market

Your results depend on the investment that you put into our coaching time we have together.  I will do everything in my power to inspire you and motivate you, but the final outcome is up to you.


Coaching Process

Your first step is to call me to schedule your initial appointment.

Your initial evaluation session provides an opportunity for you to build rapport with me and provide me with some background about yourself and the reasons you are seeking coaching. In addition, I will be able to answer your questions regarding services, confidentiality, and what to expect in coaching.

At the end of your first session, if you decide to move forward and work with me, you will be asked to schedule further appointments. At your second appointment, you will work with me to set goals for your overall coaching experience and then begin working together towards achieving them.

Call +1 410 449 0656 and speak with me to learn more or schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Career Transition & Development


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