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Stephanie is a TOP-NOTCH professional who ensures she first understands the learning requirements from her client and then creates a tailored training plan that maximizes her training and mentoring sessions. Her extensive knowledge in business development and execution was invaluable and is the foundation for my business plan. Highly Recommend.

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Ignite Change provides a high level of professionalism. Ignite Change is very responsive to our needs and possess industry knowledge and experience to deliver quality services. I highly recommend Ignite Change!

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Our experience with Ignite Change, LLC gave my husband and I the support we needed in starting a new business. The fear of the unknown and where to start was minimized greatly due to the quality of care given to what values most to us, as well as the positive feedback they gave in helping us meet our goals in a timely manner. They guided us all the way!!!

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Stephanie was amazing. She really encouraged me to dig deeper and in return it really helped me with narrowing down my career goals. I 100% recommend Stephanie as a coach.

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I like the openness to talk about any and everything even the painful moments. It also ignited some goals I have cooled on the back burner.

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